Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2020

Agile Transistion - thoughts for the first steps


Agile is hype, agile is everywhere. - at least as theory. If the agile transistion ends shortly after the introduction of an agile team, then the transistion never took place. Coaching Agile Teams is getting people together - often from different departments. This is itself already a essential part of an transistion. Getting people together is not just sitting them into an room. Especially in the Corona time, when team members sit at home, the communication level is decreased to video communication if all have a webcam. Even worse, if the company does not provide webcams, the communication level is further decreased to only audio level. 

This is a really hard condition for a start. You can compensate this by investing way more time in team building. But why is this all necessary? For trust. If you trust you team, you will go beyond with the team. Trust is material which keeps your team together. In my opinion, if you have a team with average people an a high value of trust, they will beat a team with top people without trust. A team is more than the value of the seperate team members. This is the first milestone a new team should reach.