Montag, 21. Juni 2021

Fake News - the information war


 In the last years the words Fake News got really popular. Empowered by the previous US president (I can still not belief that a person in that rang created such a big amount of fake news), wrong information are a weapon in the current era like a bomb 30 years ago. Destabilizing other contries by messing up the mind of the people using wrong information leads to an economical disadvantage. People loosing trust instead and play mind games who does what plan to just suppress the society. If everybody who has currently that mindset in Europe would use it in a positiv way to bring humanity to the next chapter, ... maybe we would have seen way more science breakthroughs and art legends.

As all chapters in the last eras, the handling of fake news is the biggest challenge of the current era and a difficult task to create awareness, safe the kids from stupid conspiration news and this list is getting longer and longer.