Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2021

Top news of today - what is the value of a news

 I do not want to start a discussion about Covid in this blog as this situation is weird for all. Today I saw on the Austrian's public broadcasting website following news:

On of the main stories is about "A cable car manager has been vaccinated". I am asking myself, is this really so important to be in the top news? What is the a benefit and the value of this news for the publicity? And is there no more valuable news?

In a company, you have a direct relationship between information and decision. There more information you have the better decision you can make. Thru bigdata this is not a real new fact. And this is valid for nearly all cases in my opinion. 

I am asking myself which relation are there based on public or society news. In general I see in all news an decision value. Maybe not direct for me but in general all news and information are the base for a decision of an undefined number of persons. If this information and decision cycle turn some rounds, probably an action and reaction workflow has already been added by an undefined number of persons. 

In an follow up cycle, there is a high chance to generate public waste. Unfortunately this can be intended by anybody to hide something.

What can be learned from that for the daily work? Not only getting information is essential to make decisions. Also the value of the information has to be checked otherwise you might be targeted by data manipulation and you are lead to a bad direction. Check the value of the information and if you are not sure dig into the information source to clarify the value.