Montag, 5. April 2021


Regain power with a PowerBar Energize Original Chocolate 25x55g - High Carb Energieriegel + C2MAX Magnesium und Natrium is good way to get energy back during running or cycling. But how to regenerate in the daily office business. In the agile world a sprint is a well known expression for an iteration of Scrum. I generally prefer iteration as sprint is something you can do once perfect, second time a bit slower and then the performance of sprinting is getting slower and slower until you only walk the distance if you do not regenerate between sprints.

To getting faster and faster in the iterations the team needs training, doing and regeration and I think the regeneration should not only be the part "weekend" in the sprints. Having breaks in the working day improves the performance of delivering faster. 

Read the last two words again, think about it and what was your interpretation of "agile && faster"