Dienstag, 11. Mai 2021

Mobile world

Recently I have been ask if Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro is a good phone. I read the specs and had a look on some tests. From my experience, a mobile phone in this price category can be good for some cases and some not. So I asked how the phone will be used and what are the most wanted features.

Only when you know your acceptance criterias you are able to get the device with the best price/value ratio. Of course you can always buy the biggest and best device for any money but is that the device you need?

Why is this simple use case - you buy what you need - in software engineering in many cases so difficult? You start already that you only know you need something - like in our case a mobile phone. But whats next? That is the strength of Agile. You do not specify all details and when you are finished the phone is already outdated. Instead, you start with the most important details, have a look at some aspects and you get way earlier to you result.