Montag, 11. Dezember 2023

Satisfaction in a change process

Have you ever been angry or at least annoyed about something at home today? In the morning? In traffic? At work or school? How many times have you heard or read about war news this week? Is the end near and everything was better before?


It's simply time to say thank you.

Thank you that I have great people.

Thank you for a wonderful family.

Thank you that I can live in a beautiful region.

Thank you that I have something to eat and drink every day and a home.

Photographers know it - sometimes it's necessary to take a step back to get a better overview. It's similar in life. Gaining an overview requires breaking out of the hammock and sometimes asking for opposing opinions, listening and asking yourself whether you are actually right, whether the information you are consuming is correct or whether you are trapped in a bubble.

After a long period of stability and security, you start to be cosy in your comfort zone. Every change appears to be an intervention or even an attack.

The same behaviour can be observed in an agile transformation in a company. Processes that have been lived for years or decades require much more energy, even if the process is of little value in a modern environment. Change is associated with fear and this is an essential aspect to consider as an agile coach. The bigger a change is and therefore the more people are affected, the more likely it is that there will be dissatisfied people. - That's ok. Building consensus with 100 people, for example, leads to sluggish change behaviour. Here, the departmental or company management is required to demand responsibility from the employees, but to bear the accountability themselves. If you hand over both to those involved in the change process even though you have made the decision yourself, there is a high chance that the change will fail.

Another important aspect is to clearly define and communicate the goal. Is it okay that old schemes no longer work in the new process. The question is, how do you deal with this? Does it require employees to adapt? Uncertainties such as these must be addressed. In this way, momentum can be used to increase motivation. Use this momentum which you can get by changes to level up the company over staying at the same motivation and satisfaction level.

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